Hi!! I meet you way back on Pool Road. WOW! 1994 wedding cake. I have always ordered all my cakes from you ever since then. Love your web site. — Jennifer (Petrillo) Nolan

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JCakes Serving Sizes

To view the JCakes product line, browse our menus (listed on the left). We offer a variety of cakes, but are glad to take special requests given advance notice.

Please be aware that our products may contain trace amounts of nut products.

* Cupcakes – The BEST cupcakes you’ll ever have.

* Simpler Tastes – Great for children, and the young at heart.

* JCakes Originals – JCakes favorites, ours and yours.

* Premium Cakes – Always a hit – impress and delight with these top of the line cakes.

* Specialties- Digging deeper into the realm of deliciousness with Truffles and Cannolis.

***Please allow one weeks notice for your cake order. If you have a last minute order, please give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate your order.***

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